Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sexy Hot Polish Women - Edyta Sliwinska

Sexy Hot Polish Women - Edyta Sliwinska

Sexy Hot Polish Women - Edyta Sliwinska

Let me start the list with one of the sexiest, not only from Poland, but from the world. From Warsaw, Edyta Sliwinska is a professional ballroom dancer but is best known as a professional dancer on the tv series, “Dancing with the Stars”. She is the only dancer to have appeared on all 9 seasons of the show. She is a spectacular coach, but what I like the most about her is that she is known for wearing the skimpiest of costumes when she dances. They even make jokes about that on the show.

Looking at this picture, you can see how she epitomizes the beautiful Eastern European. Her frame is long and sexy. Her dancing keeps her body in top condition and you can tell how toned she is from head to toe. As a dancer, her breasts aren’t that big but she does like to show them off. So I forgive her for that. Her hair is beautiful and flowing, but the one thing that gets me in this picture is her eyes. A striking hazel in color, when she looks at you, she looks through you. Almost as the Egyptians charmed the snakes, she will hypnotize you with those eyes.
What doesn’t come across in this picture is what makes her so incredibly sexy to me. She really has a heart of gold. She is so nice and it comes across on the show. She’s definitely one of those approachable women that would not condemn you for looking in her direction.

For all these reasons, she is truly beautiful.

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